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  • Products

    Corner protector

    Corner boards (or angle boards) are rigid angles that reinforce the edges on corners, tops, and bottoms of boxes.
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    Coil storage strap

    Even the surface on which the coils are laid during inventory is a potential source of damage to surface-sensitive materials. You can prevent damage to your metal coil with a Coil storage strap.


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    Geomembrane sheets

    Geomembranes are made of polyethylene, They are developed to satisfy the design requirements of waterproof water-barrier systems and packing coils .
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    Strap guard

    Strap guard is used to protect your product packing strap damage. It can be easily slid along the strap to the ideal position and stays firmly in place without movement when in use.
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    AraPolymerCo offers a wide variety of technical compounds (HDPE, LDPE, PP, etc.)  to be used in high-quality products no matter your industry.
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    polyamide products

    The properties of the polyamides, which include high strength, abrasion resistance, and resilience, make them very important in the manufacture of Overhead Cranes wheel and couplings.
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